Friday, August 24, 2007

Podcast with the Entire Sloan Ranger Interview of Paul Levinson About Media Misreporting of Ron Paul

Hey - if you missed this Tuesday's Sloan Ranger show on WGNU Radio - out of St. Louis and live-streaming everywhere - and his interview with me about the media misreporting of Ron Paul, I have it all for you here in this podcast:

Light On Light Through podcast page, with show notes and mp3 player

or just the mp3, that you can listen to right here

The full 20-minute interview, no commercials, in which I discuss four examples of ABC News misreporting and worse. Lloyd Sloan - aka the Sloan Ranger - and a Jeffersonian like me, offers an example of his own, and we also discuss media bias in general, its history and its ubiquity. The discussion inevitably touched on the First Amendment (I admire Ron Paul's rare, unstinting support of it), and I offered my view that the FCC, in daily abrogating this crucial part of our Constitution, is treasonous.

More soon...
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