Monday, August 6, 2007

Penultimate John from Cincinnati: Episode 9: Mitch Carries the Weight

Tonight's next-to-last episode of John from Cincinnati - of this or who knows how many seasons (hmmm, I said the same thing about the finale tonight of Meadowlands) - showed the injured family gradually healing, coming together - all because Shaun has now indeed vanished, as John has been saying for several days.

Is this all part of John's plan - to do what it is needed to bring Mitch, Cissy, Butch et al at least a little closer together? I think so, and still say that Shaun will be ok in next week's finale.

As to the family, it's working. Mitch is the best he's been all season - stepping up and taking some charge with the media, letting them know Shawn is missing. Cissy is of course still cursing like a trooper, but we manage to get a smile out of her - or, at least, the "Chemist" does, when he tells her he remembers when she was the "hottest piece of ass" on the beach, and he still sees that on her. (This, of course, is why Cissy is so jealous of Tina.) (The drug-guru "Chemist," by the way, is played by Howard Hesseman - a good touch, since Hesseman also played Dr. Johnny Fever of "WKRP in Cincinnati" in the last millennium. A confluence of Cincinnatis.)

And the assorted miscreants at the motel are almost, sort of, human tonight. I'm finally pretty much getting the ex-cop with the bird (which came back after vanishing - another good sign for Shawn), and the two mugs from Hawaii. I'm still not completely getting the motel owner, but that's ok. And I do get the guy at the computer completely - in fact, what he says makes the most amount of sense.

Next week promises to reveal all. If I can believe the song under the closing credits - "Hold On, I'm Coming" (another gem) - maybe it just might...

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