Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Big Love 2: Episode 9: Swing Vote Margene

A fine, family-in-discord episode of HBO's Big Love again last night - this time Bill's wives and Bill, over whether Bill should proceed and acquire that computer-poker company.

Barb's against it - mainly because she's miffed that Bill told Nikki about it first, and then lied to Barb about that. Nikki likes it - she has no problem taking money from sinners. And Margene once again swings with the swing vote.

At first she's in favor - if that's what Bill wants, she it wants it, too. But then she gets the wrong impression, from Ben, that Bill is judging her past, and she tells Barb she won't support Bill. In the end, Margene wisely supports Bill - showing, once again, that she's not only sexy but smart. And as has been the case all season, Ginnifer Goodwin plays Margene perfectly.

Along the way, we have some great scenes of Nikki at a poker table, and Bill and Don have some good old-boys talk about how to handle their wives.

But Barb seems consistently discontented in the resolution of just about every family conflict this season, and I'm wondering how long this uneasy peace will last.

Especially given that life outside of Bill's home is getting tougher, with Alby taking over from Roman, who clings to life in a hospital and may yet pull through... (with some nice Countdown announcing by Keith Olbermann as himself - I guess MSNBC is to Big Love as Fox is to 24)...

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The Plot to Save Socrates

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