Thursday, August 30, 2007

Voice Messaging Margaritaville

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Speech is the most fundamental kind of human communication. There have been many societies in history which were illiterate. None have been speechless.

Children learn how to speak just by living and listening. Babies respond to their mothers' voices. Sounds actually cause our ear drums to vibrate. The process of hearing is very direct, and physical.

And, unlike reading, we can listen to something when we are looking at or doing something else. Hearing is intrinsically highly efficient, and open to multi-tasking.

It is unsurprising, then, that voice marketing - literal, long distance word of mouth - is such an effective marketing tool.

Vontoo voice messaging makes it easy to create, send, and track voice messages to potential customers. Vontoo doesn't require the purchase of software or hardware to use its system - you can use your telephone or computer (VoIP - voice over Internet Protocol - or your voice through an Internet connection) to record and tailor your message. Then you send it, and track it.

An important feature of this marketing system is that it is "permission based" - meaning your customers have to "opt in" to receive your message. This insures that your message will not be intrusive or unwelcome. Your voice marketing will therefore be not only ethical but effective, because you won't be irritating recipients with your message.

Vontoo is a good way of marketing concerts and media events. Circle City Tickets sold a complete block of Jimmy Buffet concert tickets via Vontoo Voice Marketing.

Whether you're in Margaritaville or anywhere, you'll Vontoo use it ... (sorry, couldn't resist...)

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