Thursday, August 30, 2007

Mad Men 7: Revenge of the Mollusk

Tonight's Mad Men - Episode 7 on AMC - was not only smoky but seething under the surface, and mostly about Don and Roger.

Roger makes a pass at Betty after an unexpected dinner with Don and Betty at their home. (I don't know - is that the right expression? Today we would say, "came on to her".... Anyway, he puts his arms around her.) Everyone's had a lot to drink (always the case, everywhere in Mad Men). Betty demures, Roger goes home but ... Don is not stupid, and realizes something happened, even though Betty pretty much denies it.

This sets the episode for a powerful display of something we haven't quite seen on Mad Men before. Don is jealous - and, moreover, will do something about it.

He gets his revenge over lunch right before the very important visit of the Nixon campaign people. Roger and Don consume plates of oysters - Roger remarks that Don is a "fan of the mollusk" (I am, too - seafood is my favorite food) - they drink a lot (of course), and then prepare to go back upstairs for the meeting.

But Don has bribed the elevator man to say the lift isn't working, causing Don and Roger to hike up 20+ flights of stairs. Don's in a little better shape than Roger, and the huffing and puffing up the stairs results in Roger's losing those mollusks - right in front of Nixon's people.

Roger surely got what he deserved. In addition to hitting on Betty (ok, another more modern term), he needled Don about his pedestrian speech ... But Don is by no means a completely sympathetic character in this, either.

Some good, promising exchanges between Peggy and Pete (especially good performance by Vincent Kartheiser) tonight, too, as Mad Men moves along its roiling, ever more intriguing, path...

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