Thursday, August 16, 2007

Talking To You This Morning Through YouTube (About Imus)

Hey, I thought I'd say hello to you today through YouTube.

Well actually, I was talking on Tuesday, right smack dab in the middle of bustling Manhattan, in front of Fordham University (where I teach), on a summer's afternoon ... and I was actually talking about Imus ... but, still, the synapse between production and reception of video has never been shorter.

Here’s how this happened ... not that many steps ...

I got a call late Tuesday afternoon from a producer at Channel 11 News in New York City - can they tape me for a couple of minutes, giving my views about Imus’ possible comeback.

I said sure (I always say yes to television - "say no to drugs, say yes to television"), and that’s why I’m standing in front of Fordham University about an hour later.

I give my views. The Channel 11 news is on at 10pm in NYC (that's Tuesday night). I tape my segment. Next day (Wed) I convert my 25-sec interview into a .mov file, upload it to YouTube, and it’s all yours now, right here.

What’s amazing to me about this is the speed and ease with which my words got from that corner on 60th and Columbus Avenue to you, right here and now. From my point of view, it almost doesn’t matter if I’m on a local tv news or a national show - it all gets up on YouTube, and out to you and the world, either way...
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