Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Meadowlands: Episode 7

MeadowlandsA strong, wrenching next-to-last episode of Showtime's Meadowlands on Sunday - but, also, surprisingly slow moving, especially given that there is only one more episode left in at least this season.

We find out some of Dr. York's back story - just as we did Samantha's last week. York refused to go along with a cover-up about a medical treatment, and apparently paid the price - which, whatever it was, landed him in Meadowlands for his protection.

But his professional morality, as we already know, does not extend to his patient Evelyn, and now Yorke increases the pressure. Sleep with me, just once, he tells her, and I'll forget that I know Danny's not the father. Otherwise--

Evelyn eventually goes to see Yorke, and in one of the most powerful scenes in the series refuses to sleep with him. She correctly calls his blackmail rape, and also tries to appeal to his better nature. In the end, Yorke, broken, lets her go. On a positive note, he and his wife can now draw closer.

But what about the main story? That moves hardly at all, except in the sudden, excellent conclusion that Danny is tired of being Danny, and now is fully committed to getting his family out of Meadowlands - if they'll go.

It popped into my mind as I watching this episode that there is a distant similarity between Meadowlands and Lost. Both feature people in a place they do not want to be, and both give us something of their backtstory.

But Meadowlands still has a long way to go.

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