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Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Californication Continues: 2

CalifornicationI gotta say, again, that not only are the women and sex terrific in Showtime's Californication, but the writing is right now flat-out the best on television.

My favorite bit from last night: Hank (David Duchovny) accepts the assignment from the Hell-A blog, starts writing on his computer at home, it freezes or whatever - so he goes out and files his post from an Apple store.

Everything is right and delightful about that: the name of the blog, the computer not working when you need it, and the Apple store to the rescue.

Meanwhile, I think that Hank is a very appealing character. How can you not like a guy who daydreams in his car about making-out with his almost, now estranged, slightly, wife...

And the other characters are good, too. My favorite is the precocious 16-year old Mia - played just right by Madeline Zima. She's the one who punched Hank twice in the face last week before she ... and she's the daughter of the guy who Hank's almost-wife says she is going to marry ...*

*A reader asked in the comments - how could I not mention Paula Marshall on this show? He's right. Paula Marshall was just splendid as the 40-something Sonja, someone Hank's age. I stand corrected.

But you need to see all of this yourself. You'll laugh at least 30 times in the 20-minute show, unless you're unconscious.*

Did I just write "20" minutes? I was laughing so hard, I lost track of time...

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