Monday, August 27, 2007

Californication Continues: 3

CalifornicationCalifornication continues ... and continues to be so funny and laughing out-loud sexual that it's hard to write about it without posting an R rating, or whatever they might call it for blogs. No promises - and I think the rating system for movies is inane, anyway.

The main plot line in tonight's Episode 3 on Showtime has Hank running into Meredith (played by Amy Price-Francis - just fine) - the redhead he was rude to in the first episode (she wanted to talk to him about Hell-A Magazine - I actually didn't think he was so rude). He apologizes tonight, they sleep together (of course), and Hank apparently really pretty much likes her - even though "drowning in a sea of pointless pussy" seems to be the theme of this episode, if not the entire series at this point.

All of this was customarily enjoyable and funny.

But the two scenes that really got me laughing tonight, for some reason, were:

1. Mia, the beautiful 16-year old who doesn't look sixteen and punched Hank twice, comes by unannounced, looking for something she can use as an assignment for her creative writing class. Hank says he doesn't have anything. Mia says, come on, you must have "some piece of shit short story" around here somewhere. Words that rang true - something that every writer has a least one or a lot more of ...

2. Even funnier was a scene with Hank's agent Charlie (Evan Handler - good actor, good name - you want that in an agent, or at least an actor who plays an agent). Anyway, Charlie fires his secretary - slightly gothic Dani, nice, and nicely played by Shaun's Rachel Miner - for getting him the wrong kind of soda. It seems she's always making these sorts of mistakes. By way of apology, she sends Charlie an email, with a slide show of her scantly dressed, in black ... to which Charlie masturbates. The pacing, the photos, the expression on Charlie's face, the phone call at the end, were just right. And hilarious. And, of course, he rehires her. (And she advises him to "punish" her if she does anything else wrong, which, of course, she soon does.)

Great writing, with more laughs per minute than anything on television or in the movies.

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