Saturday, August 18, 2007

Talking about Ron Paul - podcast and radio

Just a quick note about me talking about the media disenfranchising of Ron Paul:

1. The podcast has been up for almost a week - you can look at the page here (and then play the podcast), or just play the direct MP3 here ... about 15 minutes...

2. And I'll be interviewed on the Sloan Ranger Show by Lloyd Sloan, this Tuesday (Aug 21), 5:35PM - 5:55PM Central time (that's 6:35PM - 6:55PM Eastern time, 3:35PM - 3:55PM Pacific time - and you do the math for the other time zones...) ... You can hear this live on WGNU AM 920 RADIO in St. Louis, or click on the Sloan Ranger Show and get it live streaming anywhere and everywhere... Hi ho Silver!!
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