Sunday, August 12, 2007

Californication Going On Mondays

CalifornicationCalifornication debuts on Showtime tonight.

I saw an advance copy of the first episode, and was laughing my ass off.

Tom Kapinos' writing is brilliant. David Duchovny's Hank Moody and Natascha McElhone's Karen are called to school to hear a guidance counselor or whoever express concern about their daughter's behavior - they're unmarried parents. The guidance person starts out by saying how good the daughter is in many ways. Hank quips, I sense "a hairy but" coming.

He's a writer whose book is made into a big movie he doesn't like (I only wish I had that problem). He's a font of funny quips - someone's voice sounds like a "dialtone," he says (for some reason, I liked that line - I think I've spoken to that same person - used to be Director of a program I taught in years ago).

And ... the sex is great, and hilarious. Hank gets woken up in the morning with oral sex, later gets punched twice in the face while having sex with a hot chick he picked up in the bookstore reading his book ... who could ask for more.

Californication promises to be the funniest, raunchiest show on television.

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"challenging fun" - Entertainment Weekly

"a Da Vinci-esque thriller" - New York Daily News

"Sierra Waters is sexy as hell" - curled up with a good book
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