Friday, August 3, 2007

Mad Men 3: Hot 1960 Kiss

AMC's Mad Men and Don Draper cut loose last night - with a kiss.

Now our man on Madison Avenue already has a pretty happy sex life - with his wife, blond Betty, and his woman on the side, brunette Midge. Both are fine.

But Don has also been attracted from the beginning to Rachel Menken - also brunette and fine (and Jewish - of note, because the firm is rife with anti-semitism) (but, interestingly, Betty doesn't like it - she's discourages one of her neighbors from making cracks about people with "long noses"). Rachel is owner of a Bloomimgdales-type NYC department store which has hired Don's firm to bring it more dramatically into the second half of the 20th century.

Rachel - played just right by Maggie Siff - doesn't know Don is married. They kiss, he tells her he's married, and she walks away.

But Don seems all shook up about this. He can't concentrate on his daughter's birthday. Disappears when he's sent out to get her birthday cake. And even Betty's beginning to notice...

What strikes me as especially interesting about this is the sheer affect on Don of that kiss. Were things different in 1960, and a kiss then more powerful an act than now? I doubt it. Not in reality. But in our fiction, we have become accustomed to more than just a kiss needed to have such impact.

Meanwhile, the 1960s ambiance continues to be excellent. My favorite business scene in the office has the guys both admiring and ridiculing that new Volkswagen "bug"...

My Toyota Prius was still decades from being born...

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