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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Bones 5.6: A Chicken in Every Viewer's Pot

Well, I've often said that truly good combinations of mystery and comedy are as scarce as hen's teeth, and none do it better than Bones, as tonight's episode 5.6 about a murder in a chicken coop so tastily shows.

The chicken part led to fine puns, which I'll just let simmer without pulling apart. And there was also a pig in this episode - not the male chauvinist kind, but a real pig - which provided the emotional foundation of the story.

Angela, who was been abstinent for months, is channeling her pent up emotions into concern for the plight of pigs. She asks Bones to contribute to save one - Bones refuses. (Don't hate me, but I'm 100% with Bones here.) Angela is hurt, and says she can't see how she could be such close friends with Bones, since they have almost nothing in common. And now Bones is really hurt.

This opens up the best part of the episode, as Booth tries to advise and support her. The two have been getting closer and closer this season, in a gradual, realistic, emotionally satisfying way.

Bones supports Booth as well, as he misses a call on seeing through a killer's deception. He's still recovering from his days in a coma, and this, too, is refreshingly realistic in a television show. Bones assures Booth that she trusts him, whether he's 100% or not.

He advises her to contribute to Angela's cute little piggy fund. Well, I already told you how I feel about that. And Angela should be getting beyond that by now, anyway. She's no longer refraining from sex.

Good for Wendell, the lucky recipient. Good for us. And even good for Jack - I have a feeling this may be the beginning of a reunion with Angela, though maybe that's just chicken pot pie in the sky.

Okay, I'll stop writing now. I don't want you to wring my neck.

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