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Friday, November 20, 2009

Twice Upon a Rhyme in Rockit Scientist Records NYC and Rockaway Records LA

Been a truly banner week for Twice Upon a Rhyme, my 1972 LP, in both New York City and Los Angeles.

Here's how this tale of two coasts happened:

You may recall I mentioned the tasty lunch and great conversation I had at the City Diner in Manhattan last month with Evan LeVine, appreciator of fine 1960s music and all-around significant popular culture.

Well, after the conversation, Evan's perambulations took him to the Rockit Scientist Record store on St. Mark's Place, also in Manhattan. What I didn't know until a few days ago is that Evan talked up Twice Upon A Rhyme to the store's owner, John Kioussis, who this week sent a message to me on MySpace, asking if he could get a few copies for the store.

I of course said yes, and had the pleasure of talking to John at Rockit Scientist Records yesterday. Turns out he has a long relationship with Twice Upon a Rhyme. He picked up a copy in a record store on Long Island years ago, then traded it away for another album - something which John says he now much regrets.

Music to my ears.

I can't think of a better temporary home for Twice Upon a Rhyme than Rockit Scientist Records - take a look at that picture.

Though, actually, Evan works at a store in Los Angeles, Rockaway Records, which is no small shakes, either. Evan wrote on my Facebook wall about an hour ago that he discovered a copy of Vivid Records' issue of Big Pink's CD reissue of Twice Upon a Rhyme a little less than a year ago, and would be playing it on the store's loud speakers in about an hour, which come to think of it is just about now.

Twice Upon a Rhyme, coast to coast ... feels right, since both the Beachboys and the Lovin' Spoonful were great influences.

Listen to some of Twice Upon a Rhyme....

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