Monday, November 23, 2009

Dexter 4.9: Trinity's Surprising Daughter

This season of Dexter has been exulting in surprises ... Debra and Lundy being gunned down ... the Trinity killer not the man who fired that gun, after all ... and tonight's Episode 4.9 pulled out a last-minute stunner at the top of its league ...

The set up: a tale of two Thanksgivings - chez Dexter and chez Trinity killer - and Dex is at both of them (not at the same time - this isn't Fringe - but even so).

At Dex's, Rita allows the pain-in-the-A neighbor to kiss her, and Vince sees it. I never liked Rita, as I've said here before. I admit she looks great this season, but her character is like fingernails on the blackboard. But even she's preferable to -

Thanksgiving at the Trinities. The TK is emerging as a monster in all aspects of his life. Tonight we see him terrorizing his son, who wishes him dead, and pleads with Dex to join the unhappy family for Thanksgiving, to keep the monster in check. Before that little visit is over, Trinity's 15-year old daughter comes on to Dexter, the Trinity killer almost kills his son, and Dex almost kills Trinity.

That last act is the most damaging to Dexter, since, as he aptly says to himself, now Trinity has seen the monster in him, Dexter. One of the reasons this has been such a spectacular season of Dexter is that Trinity has made Dex not completely himself, violating Harry's code left and right. Killing Trinity with his - Trinity's - family in the next room would have been unthinkable to the more carefully controlled Dexter of prior years.

But I haven't gotten to the really sharp punch in the stomach surprise tonight. Trinity is reading the reporting in the paper on his exploits by Quinn's girlfriend Christine. In the last scene in 4.9, Trinity pays her a visit. She opens the door, sees a scowling Trinity standing there ... and says, "Hi, Dad."

Now, a lot of people - not me - have been saying all week that she was the most likely to have shot Lundy and Debra. The problem I had with Christine is that I didn't see any motive.

But as the older daughter of Trinity? Brilliant, like this whole season!

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