Tuesday, November 17, 2009

V 1.3: Multiple Twists and Lizard Visions

The Visitors got visas in 1.3 tonight, and the twists and surprise identities continue to abound.

1. Erica stops a human from killing Marcus (Anna's top adviser), but it turns out the would-be assassin is a Visitor. They apparently were testing our (human) willingness to protect the Visitors, or perhaps even just Erica's.

2. Ryan goes to see another fifth columnist - a Visitor on our side - who tries (unsuccessfully) to turn Ryan into the Visitors.

3. Up on the ship, Erica's partner, unpeeled as a Visitor at the end of episode 1, has trouble remembering how he got nearly killed. Just as he remembers, his doctor drugs or kills him - his doctor is a fifth columnist. Good that we have at least one on the ship.

4. But right before that happens, Erica's former partner informs us that he's not the only Visitor who's infiltrated the FBI. I'm still thinking Erica's boss is a visitor, but maybe that's too obvious.

5. Tyler finally gets some good time in his room with Lisa, who takes off her uniform so Erica - who comes home unexpectedly - won't know she's a Visitor or a collaborator when Erica busts into the room. But the big reveal for Lisa comes at the end - she's Anna's daughter.

V continues to develop momentum and complexity. My favorite tech scene tonight is the lobster-eye multiple-reflection screen configuration Erica comes upon in a V security room. An insight into the deeply alien way most of the Visitors look at us and our world.

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