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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Psychological Bones 5.7

Physical bones played little role in tonight's fine Bones 5.7 - not just because the bones in the case were those of a little person (should not be called a midget, as Bones advises, but achondroplastic dwarf) - but because the heart of the case was psychological, not physical.

It begins when Booth is not shooting as straight as he used to. He and everyone presume this is another consequence of his removed brain tumor. Booth wants to talk to Sweets about this, but moves on to Dr. Gordon Gordon Wyatt, who is no longer a shrink working for the FBI, whose knowledge of Booth's problem could hurt Booth's career. In fact, Wyatt's not practicing psychotherapy at all anymore, he's a cook (apologies, a chef).

But Wyatt's as sage as ever, and in a brilliant conversation with Sweets we learn some of the best things of the season. Sweets is agonizing about publishing the book he is writing about Bones and Booth, because he is concerned about what effect its ending might have upon them. And that ending is? Booth and Bones love each other - as, of course, everyone in the world other than the two of them know.

Wyatt further is able diagnose Booth's reason for not shooting straight: his love for Bones, love he cannot fully admit to, because he is afraid it could hurt her, has led him to shackle himself psychologically, as he struggles to keep in check what he wants to do and be with Bones. Freud himself could not have written a more instructive psychological episode.

Wyatt not only realizes this, but shares the insight with Booth. True to the untangling of internal conflict which promises relief or reduction of symptoms in psychotherapy, Booth's shooting is back up to par at the end.

So is this mutual deception destined to continue much longer? Hey, I have an idea - how about a joint episode of Bones and Lie to Me, which could certainly straighten everything out between Bones and Booth. Well, they are both on Fox...

5-min podcast review of Bones

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