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Monday, November 2, 2009

Dexter on the Couch in 4.6

Poor Dexter was on the couch in 4.6 - the shrink's couch, brought there for couples counseling by Rita, concerned about their lack of communication. She of course doesn't know the tenth of it, and when things work out just fine at the end of the episode - Dex is moving his stuff into a shed right next to their house - she's as clueless about Dex's dark side as ever.

I'm a little worried, though, that Dex's trophies - the slides with blood samples - will sooner or later get discovered. Their hiding place in the air conditioner is by no means completely immune from detection. We'll see...

Meanwhile, Dexter has a confrontation with the Trinity killer, in which Dex is the victim. He picks up the urn containing Trinity's sister's ashes, to provoke him, and he's provoked. John Lithgow goes from helpful deacon to enraged almost-monster in the blink of an eye, and comes pretty close to choking Dexter out. It's instructive to see Dexter's extraordinary control in these situations. He's able to keep his meek cover, essential to what he ultimately wants to do to his adversary, but at the price of risking his own life.

Speaking of risks, Laguerta and Batista are risking a lot lying to Captain Matthews about ending their relationship - at least, I think they're lying, because they love each other far too much to end it, and they love their work too, so neither wants to be the reason the other leaves homicide. But pretending you're no longer in a relationship, with so many eyes on you, can't be easy.

Debra's not having an easy time of it, either. But she's finally realized that Lundy was killed by the Trinity killer, which gives her focus which is the best thing for her - but points her right at her brother Dexter, who is trying to take care of the Trinity killer all on his own...

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