Tuesday, November 10, 2009

House 6.6 Around the Bases

Another fine, primarily personal episode 6.6 of House last night, featuring House and Cuddy, and Chase and Cameron.

House and Cuddy clearly love each other - it's more than sexual attraction, even though that is prominent, propelled by Cuddy looking and dressing better than ever before. We're now into House's long pursuit of her - that hunting and gathering part of the relationship - with House going out of his way to see her at a convention he otherwise would not have attended, dancing a suggestive dance with her, only to find that someone else is sharing her room, that very private investigator that House earlier hired.

The convention does provide the occasion for the one nice piece of ethical quandary in the episode, with House doing what he can - in a way only House could - to stop Wilson from ruing his career by admitting to euthanasia.

Outright homicide, not euthanasia, is what's troubling Chase and Cameron back at the hospital and at home, as Chase continues to agonize about his medical murder of the genocidal dictator Dibala several weeks ago. He tells Cameron at the end, and, even though Cameron herself was considering not treating Dibala, it's clear that this admission by Chase puts their relationship in some jeopardy.

It's good to have House back after the World Series. Even when the show is not a home-run in medical amazement, it gets around the good bases of personal relationship.

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