Friday, November 20, 2009

FlashForward 1.9: Shelter From the Storm

Ain't it good to hear Dylan's "Shelter from the Storm," and see him sing it in a vid? This was the theme song and the theme of tonight's FlashForward 1.9, which peeled back a little more of the paradox of the story to reveal ... more fine paradox, and a mystery tramp, too.

Bryce goes to Japan to find Keiko, the Japanese roboticist and lover of Hendrix and Dylan, aka the woman he saw and found and knew he loved - and she him - in his flashforward. Significantly - a very important insight into flashforward business here - Bryce knows in his April 2010 flashforward that he has been searching for Keiko since he was about to commit suicide and the blackouts/flashforwards hit in 2009. Unless I've missed something, this is the first time the April 2010 flashforward shows characters who are explicitly aware that they had the blackouts/flashforwards in 2009. And this in turn means that the explanation I put forth last week - that the April 2010 flashforwards took place in a reality (reality 1) in which the people had not had blackouts/flashfowards six months earlier, but once the blackouts/flashforwards occurred in 2009, this slipped the world into another reality (reality 2)- is not quite right, at least not for Bryce.

It's not right for Keiko, either, and in another significant first in this episode we see her own flashforward story, which complements Bryce's. The two of course cannot meet before the April 2010 flashforward date, so Bryce's trip to Japan to find Keiko in 2009 cannot succeed. But Keiko's trip to Los Angeles can and will succeed and result in their meeting in April 2010. It's a nice bit of misdirection - Bryce and we are led to believe that their meeting will take place in Japan, when in fact it will and always did place in Los Angeles, the real shelter from the storm. (This episode also has the best use of back stories - Bryce's and Keiko's - making it reminiscent of Lost, which I take as a good.)

L.A., then, is the shelter at least for Bryce and Keiko. But what about the other characters? They're not getting much satisfaction at all, including Mark Benford, who wants to know who texted Olivia that he was drinking again in 2010.

Aaron and Stan, the only people Benford told about his future fall from the wagon, both provide pretty convincing denials. So who sent the text?

Could it be Simcoe - who is realizing he's falling for Olivia, and wants to do what he can to put Mark and Olivia on the skids? But how would he know about Mark's future?

It's a mystery - but as one of the scientists who caused the flashforwards, he just might know a little more of what the future holds that everyone else, except Simon.

Would you like a little shelter from the storm? Here's a little Dylan ...

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