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Friday, November 20, 2009

Bones 5.8: Booth's "Pops"

An endearing episode 5.8 of Bones last night, with a winning performance by Ralph Waite, who continues a sterling career in his senior years. On Bones, he plays Booth's grandfather - "Pops" - who raised Booth and his brother after Pops evicted their father from their lives. Booth's father had been beating him.

As in most of the episodes this season, the best story is in these personal interludes and not the skeletal puzzle at hand. Pops sees what every viewer and everyone other than Bones and Booth see - that they're right for each other, and time's winged chariot is hurrying near (I always work Andrew Marvel into my reviews when I can.)

"Shrimp" - Pops' nickname for Booth as a boy, still much in use - and Bones of course continue to demur and play dumb, likely for real, about all of this. I'm almost hoping for an episode in which we find they've been in bed for months or more already, and have been play acting to the world to the point of pretending it isn't happening, even when the two are alone.

Bones had customarily hilarious repartee in this episode. Pops says he likes her because she has "balls". Bones replies she has ovaries. Pops says, ok, he likes her because she has "steel ovaries". And Bones responds with a deadpan, sincere "thanks".

One of the best things about Temperance Brennan is that so few things offend her. We could use more of her attitude in this world.

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