Monday, November 16, 2009

Four's a Crowd on House 6.7

A highly significant House 6.7 tonight, which clarified a question going back to the first season, brought together the best of all the seasons, and may have resulted in a permanent change - though with House, you never know for sure.

The question clarified and the apparently permanent change concern the same person - Cameron. She flat out says that she loved House, but adds to that that she loved Chase - note the past tense - because she's leaving him, and therein the team and the show. Presumably, because this is House we're talking about. But it feels more or less finally.

And why? Cameron can abide Chase's medical murder of the "Idi Amin, Jr." - as House aptly terms Dibala - but only if he is genuinely sorry about that. But Chase, under House's prodding, comes to accept-going-on-being proud for what he did, and when he lets Cameron know about that, she just can't abide that. She always did take a moral ground a bit too high for most mortals.

House prodded Chase into this position - which is indeed consistent with who Chase most is - because House wanted to get Chase to want to be back on the team. House feels that way about Taub, 13, and, for that matter, Cameron, too, and his pursuit of at least Taub and 13 was one of the more enjoyable interludes of this excellent show. House succeeds with Taub and 13, leaving open the question of whether he'll take back Taub, 13, and Chase, or let one of them go, to get back to the magic number of three (along with Foreman).

House says 3 out of 4 ain't bad, expanding on Meatloaf, but personally, it wasn't the greatest night for him at all. Cameron in effect breaks up with the part of love that she had for him, and Cuddy's not moving an inch away from the private eye.

But it was good to see House starting to scheme to break them up in the coming attractions. I expect they'll be in bed together for real before the end of this season.

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