Thursday, November 12, 2009

V 1.2: The Effects and The Characters

A fine second outing for the return of V on ABC-TV on Tuesday, in which I especially liked -

1. The special effects: A story about high-tech aliens on Earth has to have convincing gadgetry, weapons, and vehicles in motion, and V didn't disappoint. In fact, I thought that quick opening scene of the Visitors' crystal swooping down and chasing Erica and Father Jack was one of the best pieces of work I've seen on television, reminiscent almost of the movies.

2. The character development: Continuing differentiation of major characters, especially when they're on the same side, is something the original V excelled in. The remake is doing a good job in this area, too. We're starting to see some differences between Anna and her advisers (who may be more than that), and gorgeous Lisa may be more than skin deep, as she shows what may or may not be real concern about Tyler's throwing some punches. Even Ryan, who's a good Visitor - that is, on our side - has some slight differences with another good Visitor, whom Ryan visits to fix up his lacerated arm. All of this is to the good of the developing story.

3. Father Jack continues to be the most interesting human character. Erica and the FBI are fine, but they've been done before, ranging from Fringe to Numb3rs. The addition of Jack adds a moral element we don't usually see in these narratives.

4. Who else among the humans are Visitors in disguise? Well, as I said last week, I'm still betting on Jack's superior, the older priest. He continues to have too much good to say about the Visitors. Erica's boss is also suspect - he reminds me of Larry in last year's 24 - but it's hard to tell in these cases whether he's a bad guy (a Visitor) or just a hard-ass human.

I'm certainly going to keep watching.

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