Tuesday, November 24, 2009

V 1.4: Good Medicine for Television

An outstanding 2009 finale of V, Season 1, Part 1 tonight - episode 1.4 - with not more to come until close to the Ides of March, 2010.

V previously attacked Obama's health care reform, and tonight took a swipe at the swine flu vaccine - it's apparently being spiked with some Visitor drug on V. I support health care reform, and have no reason to think the flu vaccine is subject to some sort of conspiracy in our world, so I disagree with the political connotations of V while enjoying its daring as a television show. That is, the progressive in me (I'm a progressive libertarian), and the professor with some knowledge of health care issues - though I'm not an MD - is not pleased by these threads on V, while the television reviewer in me, the author of this blog, says good job in making this story immediately relevant.

Medicine played a role in other ways in V 1.4. Joshua, the chief V medical officer who killed the bad-V FBI guy, is forced to kill his prime 5th Columnist comrade, who steps forward to claim he was guilty of killing the FBI plant, to protect Joshua. Ryan's human lover isn't feeling very well, and finds out she's pregnant (the original 1980s V had a powerful V-human hybrid thread - apparently our two species have DNA compatible enough to allow procreation). And Chad the media guy is diagnosed by the Visitors as having some problem in his brain which could kill him in the months ahead - it doesn't exist now, is invisible to our technology, but the advanced Visitor technology can see that it will develop, and can cure it.

Add to all of this some good Todd, Lisa, and Anna scenes, and fighting father Jack getting seriously stabbed at the end - not to mention a peek at the huge, menacing Visitor space ship armada back on the Visitor world - and we have the makings of some fine science fiction on television this Spring.

I'll be looking at the screens and the skies.

5-min podcast review of V

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