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Friday, January 15, 2010

Bones 5.11: Of UFOs, Bloggers, and Triangles

Tonight's Bones 5.11 was more like the X-Files than was Fringe tonight, as Bones and Booth do a pretty good Scully and Mulder - hey, it's all in the FBI family - with a case out in Roswell, New Mexico.

But the best part of the episode, I thought, was what happened back in Washington with Angela, Jack, and Wendell.   No, not quite a menage a trois.   But Angela and Wendell are definitely hooked up (lucky Wendell), and the question is how Jack will take this.   In a next-to-last scene that played like a Hitchcock mise-en-scene - meaning, great, in film making - Angela and Wendell are together in a bar, and the camera pulls back to reveal Jack looking at them through the window.  He turns and walks away, and the expression of his face says that this is not the end of it for him and Angela at all, whatever he and Angela may say.  Good.   I think the two belong together, and sooner or later Angela will see that.

Meanwhile, back in New Mexico, we get a fine tableau of all the various characters in UFO land, plus, of course, the murderer.   My favorite was the "important" blogger, characterized by Booth, as "important blogger - that's an oxymoron".

It was my favorite line in the show - I'm always on the lookout for good material for the second edition of New New Media, about how television writers love to take shots at blogging, Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, and Wikipedia (this is a major theme in the current, first edition, which also talks about the part MySpace played in an excellent episode of Bones a few seasons ago).

I don't hold Booth responsible - he had to say what writers told him to say.   But he needs to be careful not to start sounding too much like Sarah Palin...

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