Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Heroes 4.15: The Chess Game Continues

Another deeper, humanistic Heroes – 4.15 – last night, as we meet Sam’s lost love for the first time.  She’s played by Battlestar Galactica’s Kate Vernon, who’s a lot more vulnerable than Tigh’s wife, at least most of the time.

She doesn’t want to talk to Noah about Sam, until Matt changes her mind the good old-fashioned Heroes way – getting into her mind, literally, and changing it.   This a profound revival for Matt, who had been determined to stay in retirement.  Fortunately for us – Matt’s always been one of the more interesting characters – Noah brought him to his heroic senses.

Noah’s also making some good progress with Lauren – and/or she with him – and they even start kissing last night, until they’re interrupted by the three musketeers, aka Hiro, Ando, and Suresh,  who materialize out of space and time in Noah’s room.   Hiro’s brain has been unscrambled, so he’s able to navigate through space and time again, but who knows for how long.  One good sign, though, is Suresh is taking an interest.  With any luck, he may be able to effect a cure.  But knowing Heroes, it’s likely to come with some kind of steep price, for Suresh, Hiro, who knows.

The other significant woman in Sam’s plan, not yet among the carnival people, is the cello player.   Peter and Mamma Petrelli see that cello doing serious damage to the world, so Peter smashes it.  But, of course, this only makes the cello player unlikely to listen to anything Peter has to tell her, which makes it only more likely that she’ll move further under the influence of Sam, who told her he gave her the beloved cello in the first place.

The intricate chess match that is Heroes this year continues, and Sylar is barely on the board yet.

5-min podcast review of Heroes

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