Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thoughts on the Coakley Loss

1. This is the way of democracy.  Surprising.  Take nothing for granted.  America has been split 50/050 politically at least since 2000.   Every race is potentially close.  Next time, if you're running for the Senate in a race crucial to the country - and these days, all races are - don't take any votes for granted, don't take a Christmas or any holiday vacation.

2.  Health care reform is not dead, it's just more complicated.  Think about this: if Franken had not won by that narrow margin in Minnesota, would Obama and all those interested in meaningful health care reform just have given up and gone home?  Of course not, they would have figured out another way to get there.  That's what they and we need to do now.

3. One of the ways that could work is the House just signing off on the Senate's bill, which would send it straight to Obama for his signature.  This would at least have one big advantage: the Senate bill has no Stupak amendment.

4. Other people running for the Senate next year - incumbents and otherwise - better wake up.   If Democrats run anyone other then the strongest possible candidates, they'll be in for more of the same.  In Massachusetts, think about what might have happened tonight had someone from Ted Kennedy's family - or the larger Kennedy family - stepped up.
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