Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Heroes 4.16: The Trial of Hiro

A thoughtful, captivating Heroes 4.16 last night, mostly because of the trial of Hiro.

Actually, he's not really on trial, he's dreaming he's on trial during the dangerous operation to remove his brain tumor and save his life.  This could have been a pretty trite piece, but Heroes served it up nicely with George Takei back as Hiro's father and now judge, David Anders back as Adam Monroe and now prosecutor (a good night for Anders - he was also on 24), and Ando (of course) as defense counsel.  The trial featured some of the best meta-lines of the season, with Hiro mentioning "Law and Order," and Monroe chiding Hiro's defense statement for cribbing from the opening lines of Quantum Leap - "putting things right that once went wrong".  How can you not enjoy that sort of poke-at-itself television?  I certainly did.  And the substance of the trial - the charges against Hiro, that he was wrong to ever try to manipulate the present by changing the past - was pretty good too.  Trials are not uncommon in science fiction, from Star Trek to Dr. Who, but I don't recall ever seeing one quite as focused on the rights and wrongs of time travel as this one.   Could become a YouTube classic.

Meanwhile, Sam and Vanessa almost make it.  But they don't, and this sets Sam on what will likely be his final destructive course.   More interesting and surprising is the strange relationship beginning to develop between Sylar and Claire.   He tells her there are really alike.  She resists, and puts a pencil in his eye.   But he (of course) recovers, and by the end Claire is beginning to realize that the two may have some things in common after all.   Where this will lead is interesting - will Sylar become better (he's already saying he's not his old self), Claire become evil (which would be a significant development indeed), or both...

It looks as if Mohinder might be taking his final leave, when he says goodbye to Noah at the beginning of the show ... but in response to Noah's "I guess this is it,"  Mohinder smiles and replies, "in our lives, when is it ever."

You know, say what you will about Heroes, but I think it still has something very special.  I'd miss it if it was gone, and I hope that doesn't come to be for a long time.

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