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Friday, January 29, 2010

Love with Teeth on Bones 5.13

Bones continues to get more empathetic on Bones, in tonight's episode 5.13 schooling Booth in love - not in the making of it, but in the truth that love conquers all, including previous encounters with the law and Victorian morality.

Bones reminds Booth that he helped her see that her father was worthy of her love, which would make her more fulfilled, even though her father was a criminal.   Booth needs this reminding because he has trouble accepting his younger brother Jared's love for a former call girl.  The set up allows for some great lines from Bones about the hierarchy of call girls, and their proficiency with sex.

Meanwhile, Bones may not be giving enough approval to insecure Assistant Nigel-Murray, as he and Jack crack a tough case involving a current-day dentist who's found dead in a Civil War battle trench.   Little seeds bursting through the skull confound the early autopsy diagnosis, but Bones figures it out in the end, and proceeds to a warm, wrapping scene of Booth and her, and Jared and his fiance, 'round a table in a restaurant.

Finding good shows on television was once like pulling teeth - they were as scarce as hen's teeth - but in our new golden age of television, you can find them just about any Thursday night on Bones.

Ok, I'll go quietly now.

5-min podcast review of Bones

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