Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Countdown to Lost Finale Season

I had a good interview with Bob Mann this afternoon for his "Let's Consider the Source" show, which will be aired next Tuesday January 26th at 7:30PM Eastern on XM Radio, channel 133.  One of things he asked me about were my thoughts about the Lost finale season - both of us are avid fans.   Here are some of things I told him:

1.  I hope the last season of Lost at last addresses some of the fascinating, inexplicable coincidences that occurred when major characters who wound up on the plane and the island were revealed to have crossed paths long prior to the flight.  Jack and Desmond running into each other on the steps of the stadium at the beginning of Season Two - before the two later met in the hatch on the island - is a prime such example.   So is Libby being in the mental institution with Hurley, also well before they met on the island.   (See my Lost: Keys to What's Really Going On for further examples and analysis).  Lost needs to explain at least some of this.

2. I thought the time travel that ran through Season 5 - last year - was by and large excellent, intriguing, and very well reasoned.  I'd like to see more follow-through on that in the finale season, and I'm not sure if the Jacob story can do that.   It can, if the story stays within the realm of scientific plausibility - I'm taking time travel here to be scientifically plausible, though likely impossible, see The Enjoyable Trouble with Time Travel for more.   But if the story of Jacob and his nemesis resorts to some sort of mystical razzmatazz, I'll be disappointed.

3.  On the subject of Jacob's nemesis - I have a feeling he took over John Locke's body well before the events on the island in Season 5.  I'm thinking the nemesis took over Locke when he was recuperating in the hospital after his father pushed him out of the window and broke his back.  Possibly Locke's father was already taken over by Jacob's nemesis, or has some other significant connection to the nemesis.

4. I predict the final resolution will not entail parallel universes, with one group of our heroes never crashing in the first place,  and the other proceeding just as we have seen them for the past five seasons.    Instead, I think we'll have a uni-universe ending, with all the stories converging and resolving into one.

I'll likely have further thoughts on these and other Lost issues, and I'll certainly be reviewing every new episode starting on the evening of February 2, 2010.   Looking forward!

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