Sunday, January 24, 2010

Big Love 4.3: Super-Compressed, Super-Fine, and Lawrence O'Donnell

Big Love continues with its super-compressed, super-fine Season 4, with an episode - #3 - so packed with critical events that you'd miss a major beat if you blinked.

Among the intense happenings -

  • Sarah joins Barb at the casino, and tries to help when Barb accidentally hits a Blackfoot Native American with her car.  Sarah and Barb try to make it right by offering the woman - who's not badly hurt - a job in the casino.  But Barb's warned that she's a meth mule, and the Blackfoot people are trying to crack down on that.   Unfortunately, Sarah isn't there to get that message, and in her last scene we see her with the meth mule, trying to help her and her baby.
  • Alby sleeps with and takes camera-phone photos of his male lover, as he sleeps in bed next to him.    Next day, they plan to secretly run Juniper Creek.
  • J.J.'s on the warpath - he wants his daughter back, who's in Washington, DC will Bill and Nikki (see next bullet).   He settles for getting the results of his goading of Joey - who goes to dig up Roman, who Joey think has his (Joey's) DNA under his (Roman's) finger nails.  Cut to J.J.'s wife watching Joey and Wanda digging up Roman (all that was missing from this scene was J.J.'s character from True Blood).
  • So Bill and Nikki and Nikki's daughter are in Washington.  First, though, Bill talks to MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell, who plays Lee, Bill's lawyer.  Bill needs to get the endorsement of Utah's Senator.   Not easy to get.    Neither is any time in bed for Bill and Nikki, who never gets a chance to wear the lingerie Bill bought her for the occasion.  In fact, she winds up almost in jail after getting caught with an unloaded gun at the Senator's reception that Bill is crashing.   How does Bill do that?  After first falling out with Sissy Spacek - who plays the woman organizing the reception - Bill is warmly welcomed.   How did that happen?  Nikki extolled Bill's accomplishments to Spacek in the lady's room.   The takeway:  Bill's faith, sorely tested, came through for him.  But if that isn't enough in this high-octane episode -
  • Margene kisses Ben full on the lips, then goes on television, and Ben's introduced as Margene's husband.   Barb and Teeny (back on the show - but a new actress) see the introduction not the kiss.  How did this happen?  Margene feels abandoned because no one in her family has come to see her at the studio, and Ben shows up...
Trouble, trouble, trouble ... but irresistible television, as Big Love continues...

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