Saturday, January 16, 2010

House 6.10 Back in Business with Good Humor and Guest Stars

Good to see House back in play in episode 6.10 on Fox on Monday.  It was a light House, at least as far as major characters are concerned.   Wilson's trying to hook-up with attractive neighbor Nora, who demurs because she thinks he and House, living together as they do, are gay.  House exploits this to try to nail Nora on his own, but Wilson's poignant proposal to House when House and Nora are on a date blows this for House.  Meanwhile, Taub, Thirteen, and Chase make Foreman think he's earning less than they are; he turns this into a double fake-out of guilting them to each contribute a little to his salary, as the price for his not leaving for another job, which he didn't intend to do in the first place.

There was good guest star power in this episode.   It was good to see Sasha Alexander as Nora - I liked her even better in this exuberant role than the too-serious Kate in NCIS.   And Ethan Emby - who played Declan, the troubled detective, in the late, lamented Brotherhood - was good to see as a cop undercover with a drug ring and a disease that even House can't cure.

House continues to be one of the most original, riveting shows on television.

5-min podcast review of House

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