Saturday, January 16, 2010

Nasty Guns and Dexter's Dad in Numb3rs 6.12

A fine Numb3rs 6.12 on CBS tonight, featuring Dexter's father - Harry aka James Remar - as a arms dealer who discovers his heart.

The catalyst of the action is a shipment of guns which aren't worth much on the battlefield - they're unstable - but have a quality that can wreak havoc in the city. The bullets can rip through cars, sides of houses, and kill people far beyond usual range who were no one's intended victims.

The FBI has enough problem hunting down killers who are aiming at their intended victims, so getting these guns off the street and out of circulation has some urgency. Charlie has some good moments with trajectories, and David works his persuasive, humanizing influence on the arms dealer (Remar as Randall Priest).

Meanwhile, Charlie and Amita finally set a date for their marriage - and it's not based on mathematics. It's the date that Charlie and Don's parents married - their anniversary - and it sure sounded like October. I hope CBS lets us all see the wedding this Fall.

Meanwhile - oy vey! - the road to true love, if that's what it is, is not running smooth for Don and Robin. He ask her to marry him, saying "it makes sense". Robin understandably declines this lame proposal.

But she does love Don, and he likely her, so who knows, we may see a double wedding in October, if we see any at all...

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