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Friday, January 22, 2010

Bones 5.12: A Famous Skeleton and Angela's Baby

JFK's bones and Angela's pregnancy were the stories in the unusual, appealing episode of Bones 5.12 tonight.   In both cases, the question is whether they are real.

Let's start with Angela.   She thinks she's pregnant.  This leads Jack to tell her that he wants to take care of her and the baby, even though the baby is Wendell's.   But it turns out Angela's pregnancy test gave a false positive.   Angela is left with a renewed deep appreciation of Jack.   What have I been telling ya - they're moving closer and closer to getting back together, which is where they belong.

Meanwhile,  Bones and team are obliged to perform an examination of an unidentified set of bones.  Unfortunately, the lame coming attractions repeatedly told us the bones were JFK's, thereby depriving us of the pleasure of figuring this out or discovering it ourselves (Fox: wake up!).   But the story was still very enjoyable, mostly because -

Booth stands up to the Secret Service team, led by Agent Ellison (Richard T. Jones) from The Sarah Connor Chronicles (not really Ellison, but it was good to Jones in action again).   And -

There's some question of whether the bones are really JFK's.  Booth doesn't want them to be - he wants to believe the U. S. government would never cover up that there was more than one assassin.   (We also hear that he's a descendant of John Wilkes Booth - I can't recall if we knew that before.)   But Bones and the rest of the team conclude there was indeed more than one killer.

Booth's not happy.  But then Bones apparently discovers that the bones are really not JFK's, which makes Booth happy.  But it turns out she thinks the bones may really be JFK's after all, but she played it that they're not, for the sake of Booth.   That's a nice touch, indeed, and it gets Cam to tell Bones she's a good person.

Bones has always been more about relationships, ultimately, than about bones...  (And, hey, a fine Michael Jackson bit by Booth at the beginning.)

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