Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Damages Back with a Vengeance

Damages came back with a third scalding season on FX last night, with all the punishing trimmings, and a cast of new villains and maybe some heroes that rival what you might see in the movies.

The fundamental set-up is the same as last year.   Patty Hewes is once again in maybe mortal danger six months from now, this time from a car that crashes into hers, out of the blue, in a great jolting scene.   Meanwhile, back in the present, Patty is taking on a Bernie Madoff-type character (Louis Tobin, played by Len Cariou, who was just great in Brotherhood, as well as his wife (Lily Tomlin!), son (Campbell Scott), daughter-in-law (Reiko Aylesworth - Michelle on 24, and last year on Lost), and, just for superb measure, Martin Short as the tough, brutal, slightly sleazy Tobin lawyer Leonard Winstone (a staple on Damages).   Ellen's looking great and working in the DA's office.   Tom is getting his name of the door - it will be Hewes and Shayes.  But-

Back in the six months from now, Patty's just shaken up, not really hurt, by the crash, and Huntley (Tom Noonan) is on the case (great character from last season, good to see him back).   His investigation leads to the first shocker of the night - Tom's car is the one that took out Patty's.   And then, a bigger punch in the solar plexus:  Tom's car was apparently stolen.  He's dead.

In the present, there is one other thing to mention.   Keith Carradine, fresh from his role as Agent Frank Lundy on Dexter, is some kind of mysterious architect Julian Decker who's trying to get close to Patty.    With Carradine in the role, it's a certainty that something very major is going to happen between Julian and Patty, with some connection to the car crash.

So Damages is off and running with another searing season, a chess game with daggers, and easily one of the most intelligent shows on television.

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