Sunday, January 31, 2010

CBS Mars Grammys with Bleeps

CBS just marred a fine Grammy night by silencing the Lil Wayne, Eminem, Drake performance at least 10 times.

What is CBS afraid of? More unconstitutional FCC fines? If so, the CBS execs who made the bleeping decision should resign, and let people who have respect for Americans and our music step up and run the tiffany network.  Ed Sullivan has become a laughing stock for his presentation of Elvis only from the waist up, his censoring of the Rolling Stones, and his attempt to censor the Doors.   Historians will similarly look with ridicule upon CBS's ham-handed handling of the Grammys.

The audiences for network television are already receding. If the networks are to have any future at all, any chance of competing with the generally better programming of cable (when was the last time you heard a bleep on an HBO concert?) and the vistas of the Web, the networks need to stop running scared, and start treating their viewers like adults.

We do, after all, have a First Amendment in this country.
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