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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

"Author's Cut" Kindle Edition of The Consciousness Plague Published by JoSara MeDia

I'm pleased to announce that JoSara MeDia has just published a Kindle edition of my novel, The Consciousness Plague.

The Consciousness Plague was originally published by Tor Books in 2002, and was praised by Booklist ("more nearly reaches the heights of Isaac Asimov's classic SF mysteries than those of most other genre hands"), Library Journal ("intelligent blend of police procedural and speculative fiction"), and reviews in numerous other places.

Like the JoSara author’s cuts of The Silk Code and The Plot to Save Socrates, this new edition of The Consciousness Plague restores bits of my original wording lost to copy-editing.  But it also contains significant updates in the world inhabited by Dr. Phil D'Amato, the protagonist whose first appearance in a novel was in The Silk Code. Google Drive and smartphones didn't yet exist in 2002, but they play a role in this 2013 edition of The Consciousness Plague.   

Also of note: a major section of the novel takes place on The Lake Shore Ltd - Amtrak's train between New York City and Chicago - and was written when I took that train to the World Science Fiction Convention in Chicago in 2000.

The new ebook edition of the novel has a specially commissioned cover by Joel Iskowitz, who designed the covers for The Silk Code, The Plot to Save Socrates, and Unburning Alexandria ebooks, and  whose designs have appeared on stamps around the world, US coins, and NASA murals.

I again chose JoSara MeDia because this small, savvy publisher did such a good job with The Silk Code, The Plot to Save Socrates, and Unburning Alexandria ebooks, as well as the Unburning Alexandria paperback published last month. JoSara MeDia has published award-winning authors in multiple formats, including print, eBook, and enhanced eBooks as iPad and Android applications. JoSara MeDia also works with non-profit organizations, such as the Texas State Historical Association, assisting them with strategies and solutions to get their content available in these multiple formats.

 photo THECONSCIOUSNESSPLAGUE5_zps8e1b18e3.jpg

free sample of The Consciousness Plague

  • "more nearly reaches the heights of Isaac Asimov's classic SF mysteries than those of most other genre hands who attempt them manage to do these days" - Roland Green, Booklist 
  • "Levinson's intelligent blend of police procedural and speculative fiction should appeal to fans of mystery and science fiction" - Library Journal
  • "Intriguing speculation, solid sleuthing, and agreeably baffling suspects" - Kirkus
  • "A satisfying blend of murder mystery, police procedure, and science fiction" - Orlando Sentinel
  • "D'Amato [is] ... an earnest Everyman, operating on a shoeshine and a hunch" - Paul Di Filippo, SFWeekly
  • "Quincy would be proud!" - SciFiDimensions
  • "satisfying and properly links up the plots" - Scott's Corner
  • "a quick, enjoyable read" - Rambles
  • "A little bit mystery, a little bit sci-fi and a whole lot of inquisitive character development kept me glued to The Consciousness Plague from beginning to end. For those interested in medicine, serial killers and mysteries you’ll find this book a quick read and you’ll wish it didn’t have to end so soon." - scrink.com

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