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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Revolution 2.1: "The Last Surviving Friend"

Revolution was back for the debut of its second season tonight, with a line that typified how far civilization had fallen.   Walking through a ravaged excuse for a carnival town, a barker inveighs Charlie with the opportunity, right in that tent, to see David Schwimmer, "the last surviving friend".

This is what the United States has come to, in the wake of the nuclear missiles that were launched in the brief window of time in which the electricity was back on:  Atlanta and Philadelphia were destroyed, and our band of heroes is in worse shape than ever.   Not only is the sad sack of Friends the only survivor of that crew, but life is even harder and meaner in the three places we visit, in the Plains state (where Charlie is), down south in Texas where Rachel and Miles and Aaron now reside, and the outskirts of ruined Atlanta where we find the Nevilles, father and son.

Tom, like most of our major characters, is majorly depressed over the missile holocaust.   And Tom is more upset than most, since he still can't find his wife.   The lies of the US government snap him out of this and give him a purpose.  The US claims that Monroe and Foster launched the WMDs.  Tom and we in the audience know better.  In a very nice touch, we see the White House, gone to weed in the blackout, being reclaimed. Ordinarily, this would be an inspiring scene.  But as Tom tells Jason, the people who claim to be our original government are probably being run by someone else.

But the original lines of hatred still burn strong.  Charlie, after declining her chance to see Schwimmer, runs into Monroe in another tent and sets out to kill him.   Rachel's father, a doc, tells Miles to leave because he's not good for his daughter.

And either he's not a very good doctor, or there's something strange going on with nature in this neck of the woods.  Aaron looks to have been killed, and is pronounced dead by the doc, but comes back to life in a literally gasping twist at the very end of the show.  Given that this is the wrong channel for The Vampire Diaries, what's going on?

It may have something to do with the fireflies that Aaron and then his woman see in the sky.  At the very least, they could be a good source of light - as I went into in my 1999 science fiction novel, The Silk Code.

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