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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Under the Dome 1.12: Incommunicado

A better than usual Under the Dome 1.12 last night, with Big Jim continuing on his rampage.

His latest victim is Dodee, who never hurt a fly, and has a name right of the 1950s.  Her "crime"?  She heard a military guy, talking on the outside, about the Reverend being killed inside the dome.  And Big Jim hears this.   Life is cheap, under the dome, at least as far as Big Jim is concerned.  But at least he's consistent: he's come to hold and act on the position that anyone who poses a threat to him is fair game to be murdered.

Not only that, but Big Jim also destroys all of the radio station's equipment, which means the folks under the dome will be incommunicado regarding the outside world.  I guess the people outside can go back to holding up signs to communicate to the people within, but that's just not as effective as radio.

It was a pretty good show, though.  Angie's rescue of the still unconscious Julia from the watchful eye of the slightly demented Jr was a good set piece.  She played distracting Jr perfectly, giving Barbie a chance to get Julia out of the hospital and into the ambulance, so Angie could drive away while Barbie hung back to occupy Sheriff Linda.  And Angie's doubling back to hide Julia in the basement of the hospital was a good move, too.

But speaking of Sheriff Linda, she's one of the most gullible law enforcement officers to come along on television in a long time.  Shouldn't she know better than to buy the thinly veiled lies that Big Jim constantly spins?  Even Junior is getting suspicious.   But Julia's regained consciousness, which at very least should add a little more intelligence to the show.


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