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Monday, September 16, 2013

Breaking Bad Final Episodes #6: The Knife and the Phone

There were two things within Skyler's reach in the pivotal scene of Breaking Bad Final Episode #6 tonight - the knife and the phone.  She should have reached for the phone, and tried to call Hank or whomever. Instead, she reached for the knife, and set in motion everything that came after.

Almost none of what happened in tonight's episode was Walt's fault.  He pleaded for Hank's life - which wouldn't have been in jeopardy in the first place had Jesse not gone paranoid and rejected Walt's peace offer, and instead got Hank and his partner to the dessert.   Truthfully, I don't mourn Hank too much - he was an arrogant, vicious lout, with streaks of cunning intelligence and only occasional compassion.

His wife Marie is no bargain, either.  She was wrong to force Skyler into telling Walt, Jr. about his father.   She and all concerned would have been better off if she had followed her first instinct and not gone to lord it over Skyler.

Even in the end, Walt did the right thing.  Having taken Holly away in anger, he thought the better of it, and left her in safe hands, where Skyler would soon be able to get her.   And he no doubt figured that the police were in the house when Skyler finally picked up that phone, and maybe said what he said about Skyler being ignorant of what he had been doing to protect her.  It certainly coincided well with his justified anger.

Walt's worst moment was probably when he pressed Todd's Uncle Jack to kill Jesse.  But Jesse has been over-reacting for a long time to most of Walt has been doing - including Walt's killing of Mike, who killed many himself, and deserved it.

So now Walt's leaving town and meeting up with the flash forward we saw at the beginning of this season.  He has a nobility, a determination to stand up to anything this cruel cosmos dishes out, that's just second to none.  That scene of him rolling the barrel across the hot dessert, after his bullet-ridden car gave out, says it all to me.

And we have just two episodes left to see how it all ends up.

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