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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Under the Dome 1.13: Here Comes the Sun

Well, Under the Dome concluded its first season tonight, with the sun returning after the darkness, and a big bunch of questions, including why didn't Sheriff Linda object to the hanging of Barbie - when did she accept that there was not even the semblance of law and order in this town?

What is - somewhat - comprehensible now is that Julia is the monarch, or at very least, someone with some connection to the black egg.

Also that the dome was put in place by some being or beings who say - through the semblance of Norrie's late mother - that they are trying to protect Chester's Mill.  But from what?  Big Jim?  And are these beings aliens from outer space, humans time traveling back from the future, or ...

One thing is pretty clear:  Junior will forever be an unreliable assistant.  Because, well, he's crazy.  But this is good news for Barbie.  Because even though Junior was touched by Big Jim's embracing of his son, he did hesitate to pull the lever that would end Barbie's life.  In a crazy environment, an unreliable psycho can actually do some good.

Also not clear, though, is why Julia left Barbie to the Rennies and the noose.  Did she know that throwing the egg in the water would somehow save Barbie?

All in all, there were and are far too many unanswered questions and things that don't make sense in this series.   I like a little more explanation and threads in a story hanging together.  But the special effects were outstanding, including the stars rising to the sky near the end.   And so this series of rising stars joins Falling Skies as the summer of science fiction and fantasy now ends.  The Fall approaches, winter will be coming on Game of Thrones before too long, and we'll have to wait until summer comes again to learn how Barbie beats the rope.


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