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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Luther 3.2: Success

Luther 3.2 was even better than 3.1 - because Luther was against all odds successful, on at least three fronts. And yet somehow we know he hasn't faced the worst of what he will be facing.  In part because there are two episodes left, in part because it's in the DNA of Luther that he can never be at peace, never be really or totally successful.

He gave it a good try tonight.  The serial killer who's bald walked right past Luther.  He was wearing a wig, but was recognizable to the audience.  And something about him was recognizable to Luther, who pursues the killer - Paul Ellis - but can't quite get him this time.  That's for next time, later that evening, when Luther has figured it out, and uses the last of the three nurses to get Ellis - who already has two of the nurses subdued and ready to be killed.  Score a big one for Luther.

Next, Luther confronts Ripley with Erin and Stark - of the Judas squad - just as Ripley seems on the verge of giving Stark whatever evidence he needs to get Luther.   The interview is stopped cold, Luther takes the tape, and tells Stark that if he tries to take Luther down, Luther will take him down even further.  A few minutes later, Luther listens to the tape and discovers that Ripley said only good things about Luther.  Excellent fake-out on the audience - though I found it hard to believe that Ripley would go against Luther, and said so in my review yesterday.   Still, I was pretty convinced about Ripley's perfidy. Score another big win for Luther.

And, just for sweet dessert, Luther gets together with the blonde he ran into in the first episode. Success again!

So what's left to go wrong for Luther?  Go ask Alice - she's due to appear any time now.  And Stark and Erin are not likely to fold up and go away.  And the U.K. must be crawling with other killers.

And I heard somewhere that things start picking up in episode 3.

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