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Monday, September 9, 2013

Breaking Bad Final Episode #5: Coordinates

I've been rooting for Walt throughout every episode of Breaking Bad - because he represents the indomitable human spirit, struggling to survive and triumph against all odds.  And after tonight's final episode #5 - when Walt was in many ways at his worst - I'm still rooting for him, and I felt like cheering at the ending.

Yeah, I know he was doing his best to get Jesse killed.  But he changed his mind at the last minute.

I know that Hank is on the side of the law, but he's not such a good guy, and certainly not to Jesse.

And Walt was pretty dumb to fall right into step with Jesse's plan, and step on the gas and drive right to where he hid his money.

But you know what?  I felt bad - worse than bad - when it looked like it was all over for Walt.  Even though I knew full well from the flashforwards that Walt was not under arrest, not in prison, and got away from all of this, or at least most of this.

But I was glad when Todd's uncle and the killers drove up, even though Walt told them not to.  I was hoping they would.  After all, Walt did give them the coordinates.  They wanted to do the job so they could get Walt to do one last cook for them, as they got Walt to agree.  So of course they showed up.

And, though the gun battle was therefore not unexpected, it was still great and satisfying to see.  Do I want Hank to die?  I don't know.  I don't care.  I just want Walt to live, or least, not die like this, because, like I said above, he and this show represent a rare, wild, twisted but often true fable of the triumph of the human spirit.

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