Thursday, September 5, 2013

Broadchurch 1.5: Good Loving and Almost Loving

One thing becomes even more crystal clear in Broadchurch 1.5: things are not what they seem.

As a prime case in point:  The gent whose presumed pedophiliac past made him too obvious to be a real suspect in Danny's killing turns out to have a big reveal - which makes him obviously not a suspect in this case.  He served a year in jail because, when he was in his late 30s, he slept with a girl just a few weeks short of her 16th birthday, or the legal age in England.  When this gets screamed across the headlines, he commits suicide - the first casualty in this case after Danny - though, I wouldn't be stunned if he was thrown to his death rather than jumped.

The search for Danny's killer continues without much apparent progress, but because we don't even have motive yet for his murder.   Even pedophilia isn't completely removed - some other male adult could have killed Danny out of perverted lust.  But the most likely motive for Danny murder is that he saw, heard, or knew something that someone didn't want Danny to know, and he was silenced.  What makes this series so good is that this killer is no doubt hiding in plain sight, right before our eyes, on our screen.

There's some good loving and almost loving in episode 1.5, too.   The young reporter sleeps with the hot-shot reporter from the big city, and even gets off a good line when she tells him in the morning to go through the "back door".   And, Hardy at least asks Becca to sleep with him - asking her, after she comes into his room, if she would like to "relax" with him - and although she demurs, it's a satisfying scene, because it shows a welcome humanity in Hardy that we haven't seen before.  And although Beth and Mark aren't exactly sleeping together again as yet, it's good to see them reach a bit of emotional rapprochement as they look at pictures of Danny.

As for the prime suspects: my current thinking is maybe Chloe's boyfriend - with or without Chloe - but that's a wild guess, based on no real evidence, which leaves Broadchurch an increasingly intriguing blank book.

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