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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Broadchurch 1.6: "A Break from Being Sad"

It was probably the best line of  episode 1.6 of Broadchurch tonight - "a break from the sadness," which Chloe says she needed, and everyone affected by Danny's murder needs, and of course no one got a bit of in tonight's fine, taut hour.

What we do get is a grilling of the priest - who of course cannot be the killer, because he's been too obvious all along.

Susan Wright has also been a too-obvious suspect, ever since we saw her hiding Danny's skateboard, in addition to her nasty attitude towards the police.  Tonight we learn that she has a history, regarding something bad that happened to her husband and children, though apparently she was not found guilty of anything.

And she has a dog - a beautiful chocolate lab - which she understandably gets upset about when it goes missing.  (I'm a fan of this dog, especially since my daughter and son-in-law have a lovable black dog, Pooka, who reminds me of Susan's dog.)   And, actually, we see the lab being taken by Mark's partner Joe, and we also see him point a gun at the dog - but, thanks to the coming attractions, we know the dog was not harmed.

Thanks to the coming attractions we also know that Hardy survives whatever fells him, just another reason why we'd probably be better off without coming attractions in shows like Broadchurch.   But I'm glad that Hardy survives, not the least because I was mightily impressed that he was able to tie his tie without even glancing at a mirror!

But back to the identity of the killer: I've thought for a while that it's most likely Joe, except now that he kidnapped the dog he may have become too obvious.   The hallmark of a good cracking mystery: a plethora of obvious suspects, and none are the killer.   But Susan, in the coming attractions, says she saw the killing.  Hmmm ...

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