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Monday, September 16, 2013

The Newsroom Season 2 Finale: Love, Triumph, and Wikipedia

A rip-rousing conclusion to The Newsroom season 2 last night, as true love triumphs and maybe begins, and the newsroom crew (to no surprise but still satisfying) beats back attempts from various sources, including themselves, to shut them down.

Will and Mac finally kiss, proclaim their love for each other, and - in a move that was a surprise - get engaged.  Sloan - after a frustrating evening of not being to say much at the news desk - expresses herself even better by planting a passionate kiss on Don.  Jim and Maggie don't kiss, but at least get to have the beginning of a worthwhile conversation.

Leona has appointed her son to decide whether to accept Will and Charlie's resignations, which creates some tension, because he previously told Charlie that he and Will should resign.  But in looking over the whole sordid story, he comes to the correct conclusion - no one will be fired.

There's a lots of good political humor woven into this episode. Ever wonder why on Election Night on occasion one network is hugely ahead of the others and the actual reported vote in announcing a winner? Newsroom's explanation: a mistake in the news room.  I have no idea whether this has actually ever happened, but it certainly is an intriguing possibility, and it's played out beautifully on this show.

The one slight misstep takes place in the Wikipedia story - more precisely, Mac's attempt to get Neal to change something she doesn't want on her Wikipedia page. Although Aaron Sorkin got most of it right, the repeated reference to what "Wikipedia" needs or wants misses the crucial point that there are no Wikipedia editors in charge.  Instead, all readers, who by virtue of being on Wikipedia are able to edit, are the powers that discuss, reach consensus, and make decisions on talk pages available to everyone about what should be retained in articles.   More about this in my book, New New Media.

But, hey, that's a small quibble, I'm more of a fan than ever, and I'm looking forward to the next season of The Newsroom.

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