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Friday, September 27, 2013

Sleepy Hollow 1.2: Patriotic Gothic Horror

Sleepy Hollow clocked in a good second episode earlier this week, and clearly emerged as an example modern gothic horror, with a patriotic flair.

No vampires are yet apparent in Sleepy Hollow, but there are witches - good and bad - and other beasts of the night likely out for no good.  People come back from the dead - or, at least, Officer Dunn does, and that's both good (I was aggravated to see John Cho limited to just one episode) and bad (the reanimated Dunn is working for the evil forces.

There may be some hope that Katrina will come back from the departed, too, and could create some romantic tension between Icabod and Abbie, especially if Katrina takes her time to return to the living, and leaves Icabod and Abbie to their relationship which is still nascent in many ways.

The time traveler's plight continue to be one of the mainsprings of humor - and, for me, one of the main appeals - of the show, and Icabod plays that part perfectly.  In episode two, we find him patriotically complaining about what to him are insanely high taxes - actually, I feel that way, too, and as far I know, I'm not a time traveler - as well as being fascinated by electric lights, discarding a gun that Abbie gives him after he fires a single shot because he thinks it needs reloading, and putting up post-it notes to remind him about how modern things work.

And there's new blood in the wings - Abbie's sister, whose life has thus far been ruined because she's sure she's been in contact with spirits from another world - looks like she's about to get out of the institution that's confined her.   Good to see in this series that takes place just a little up the road from where I live, and not too far from where I think - at least about time travel - either.

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