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Monday, September 2, 2013

Under the Dome 1.11: Benefactor

Finally an episode - 1.11 - of Under the Dome that moves the story along - somewhat.

Julia is shot by Maxine, and may even have died for a moment - medically - but Barbie brings her back with his military medical prowess.   But was it really Barbie, as Joe thinks?  Or is it actually the dome, bestowing some goodness on Chester's Mill, after throwing a fit, in the form of an angry storm, because Junior left the circle of four?

I'll just note that I can't blame Junior completely.   Even though Angie's justified in being so cold to him - after all, he did keep her hostage through a bunch of episodes - she could have least been a little nicer to him when he told her that the two of them were connected.   Because they are connected, as part of the four, which means that the four are all also connected as twosomes and trios, despite what Angie said.  Just sayin'.

But back to the story moving forward.  Maxine lived by gun, and died by the gun, which was a good thing for the story, because her addition didn't really add much, certainly to not the metaphysics of the dome.  I'm not completely clear, though, if Maxine's mother died - I thought I saw maybe a spark of life in her when Maxine fished her out of the water.   How could that be?  Maybe more of the dome as benefactor?

But one way in which the story is moving unambiguously forward is what's happening to Barbie and Big Jim.   After adding another two murders to his belt - these ones at least somewhat justified, Maxine and her henchman - Big Jim is able to pin them and Julia's shooting on poor Barbie, who is now on the run.   He's able to outrun Sheriff Linda's gun, who's not only not very quick with her reasoning but not a very good shot, either.

But in a good last twist, the dome tells the four what they apparently must do to secure their future outside of the dome.  That would be: stabbing Big Jim to death.  Which I hope doesn't happen and expect won't, because he's one of the best characters on the show.


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