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Sunday, November 28, 2021

Dexter: New Blood 1.4: Harrison and Kurt

A superb Dexter 1.4 tonight, in which the truth comes out -- at least to us, and in one case, also to Dexter -- about two people we wondered about after last week's episode.

[Spoilers follow ... ]

First and foremost, we now know that Harrison is Dexter's son in the way that Dexter most feared.  Harrison stabbed and nearly killed Ethan.  Harrison revved himself up, looking at images of the Trinity killer and Harrison's mother, slain by Trinity -- and then he attacked Ethan.  Why Ethan?  His drawings, which Harrison saw, made Ethan a good victim, someone around whom Harrison could spin his made-up story. And Harrison knew that Audrey and the school bullies, for their own separate reasons, would admire Harrison for his "heroism".  The only problem that Harrison may not have thought about, or thought out to any big extent, is what his father Dexter will do about this.   Possibly, one of Harrison's motivations is to get his father to totally love him by doing what Dexter did and does.  As for Dexter, I'd say there's no way he'll do anything other than use all his smarts and talents to protect his son.

And then there's Kurt, someone whom, so far, Dexter does not know the full truth about.  Clearly, Kurt made up the story about Matt facetiming him, to tamp down the police investigation into Matt's disappearance.  And that's because ... Kurt is the sicko who is kidnapping and then killing those girls, and doesn't want the police anywhere near him.

Is it too much of a coincidence that the father of the guy Dexter killed is himself a killer? Probably.  But the story is so good, the situations so compelling, that I'm ok with that coincidence, and very much looking forward to next week and beyond on this riveting reboot.

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