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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Dexter 6.9: And Gellar Is ...

Gellar's status is finally established in Dexter 6.9.

Travis is on the floor of Gellar's Church.

Dexter leans over him, ascertians that Travis is still alive.  Dexter hears a noise - like a generator kicking on.

Dexter goes down into the cellar below, opens a freezer, and finds ... Gellar.  Or, to be more precise, Gellar's body.  Gellar, dead, in the cellar.  The generator or whatever made the noise presumably kicked on automatically.

What this means for Dexter is that he's been about as wrong as he's ever been.  As I mentioned last week,  it was more difficult than it might have been for Dexter to see the truth about Travis, since Dexter had first suspected Travis, and then came to believe that he had wrongly suspected Travis.  It's hard to double back to where you started.

Has Dexter ever been this wrong?   Not about someone who didn't really matter to him.

Is Dexter losing it?   Well, it's certainly clear that all of business about God - what brother Sam has brought him to see, or Dexter thinks he sees - hasn't done his incisive hunting and killing instinct much good.  He drove all the way to Nebraska, and though he was right to not kill Jonah, Dexter handled the whole matter not with his usual aplomb, and attracted Debra's suspicions for no good reason.  And Dexter did this in response to Sam's death.

I don't think Travis will be much of a threat to Dexter, even though Travis now literally has the upper hand.   I'm much more concerned about Deb finding out something really irreversible about her brother.

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